EHS is a general safety policy term that refers to Environment, Health, and Safety. It is basically the rules, laws, regulations, programs, professions, as well as workplace safety which are meant to safeguard the safety and health of employees and the public. In addition to this, it also protects the environment from risks associated with the place of work. The main advantage of EHS, and workplace EHS programs is the apparent one which is preventing incidents such as illnesses, injuries, and injurious environmental discharges.

Eframe Infomedia Pvt. Ltd. is well-known for offering the best comprehensive customized safety solutions and safety products for the organizations. This helps to make sure that the workplace remains secured and the organization attains sustainable growth in the shortest way possible. The company incorporates EHS aspects in all events of an organization to bring affluence to safety and health of employees.

Eframe Infomedia Pvt. Ltd. offers the best EHS training occupational health and safety solution in two vast categories like EHS Technical Module and EHS General Management Module. The company assertively helps enterprises and organizations to give away the total charge of their EHS Management and industrial safety on a turnkey basis, with their justified inspection at all levels, and offer excellent transparent services, so that one can enjoy tranquility and assurance on the EHS front. All these safety products and services are provided by the multi-disciplinary research team of extremely competent practitioners from varied industry sectors such as process and manufacturing, construction, commercial, supply chain, mass and commercial public set up.

  • Preparing EHS Management Systems
  • Development of EHS Plans and Procedures
  • On the Job EHS Training safety videos
  • Preparing comprehensive EHS Management Consultancy and Ownership
  • Customized safety Training Modules
  • Customized safety Training Modules
  • EHS workplace safety Audits and Assessments
  • Road Safety Solutions
  • EHS Software Solutions
  • Multimedia Solutions

All these occupational health and safety tools help an organization to enhance their safety policy, industrial safety as well as health and safety and to maintain highest standards of workplace safety. The safety training videos that are offered by Eframe Infomedia Pvt. Ltd. are based on best safety practices and international standards. All these safety videos and the safety training videos are offered in a range of formats such as QuickTime, Flash, Windows Media, and Real Media.

When it comes to safety policy, occupational health and safety, industrial safety, health and safety, safety products and workplace safety one can rely on the Eframe Infomedia’s EHS training solution. Their EHS technical module offers the best safety videos and the safety training videos.

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