Virtual Reality(VR) Training/Solution:

Safety Training has been revolutionised with virtual reality technology. With Virtual Reality (VR), it is now possible to alter the traditional training methods in hazardous situations and provide a safe, accident-free working environment for the workers as a digital cost effective solution.

In the 3D world, employees can use virtual gloves or hands to access the situation thereby allowing employees to re-do errors if made, and help understand the graveness of one simple mistake. Virtual Reality Training enables increased engagement and higher retention level as it invokes muscle memory upon repeated exposure, which is especially effective in high risk situations.

Eframe ushers training with the help of Virtual Reality by creating a simulated real-life environment. It gives trainees an opportunity to undergo training at the actual environment without hazardous risks or expensive costs of failures. This guarantees experiential learning, making the process smarter and much more effective. It also helps in reducing the cost of equipment, location, the salary of trainers, safety costs.

One more advantage of VR training for learners is, the development of expertise on how to resolve a given problem in real-time in the absence of a trainer. Easy-to-follow instructions even at obscure locations enable trainer free delivery, with the help of VR technology. Professionals and trainers can monitor the performance of the trainee through dashboard and data analysis techniques.

We have successfully deployed customized VR training modules which have been implemented by renowned corporates to demonstrate :

  • VR training module for Height work, Scaffolding & Electrical safety.
  • VR training module on Fire Fighting.
  • VR training module for appropriate PPE selection.
  • VR training module on Emergency Fire Evacuation.